August 8, 2014

Lucky Number 8

We had a visitor today at our head office. This gorgeous black and white tiger moth (I googled it and it looked like the closest thing). We thought it was a butterfly at first until it landed by the door, I guess it was trying to get out and I saw it was a beautiful moth. I quickly took a picture before letting it out.

Seems like a coincident that it came on August 8th (8 is believed to be a lucky number by some cultures) We took it as a good omen and decided to give you guys a treat for the weekend. As we do not have any moth related products, we do have lots its cousin butterfly. 

So for this weekend only take 20% off Beautiful Butterflies with coupon code BUTTERFLY8 (coupon expires August 10th 2014)

Hope you have a blissful weekend!

August 1, 2014

Best of Friends

Friends, they make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and live a little bit better than before.

July 24, 2014

Don’t throw away your old stuff!

Vintage pieces are a great way to incorporate original style as well as save a bit of money. I am always on the lookout for something different in  thrift stores and vintage shops. Maybe I can find delicate vintage accessory to match a modern outfit.

But the best place to find something unique and special is a lot closer to home. My  grandma has beautiful handbags and jewelry pieces that she has kept over the years and I am so thankful that she did because I wear them today.

This is a wonderful embroidered little handbag is from the 1940s. It belonged to my grandma. She said "I like to keep old things, it’s like a part of me and they remind me memories, people and moment" My grandma gave me this bag and I’ll probably give it to my daughter, it’s not an expensive ring or something like that, only a vintage bag but holds a lot of precious memories. Every stain and fault is a part of our family’s story! This bag will forever remind me of all the times I would go and visit my grandparents and she would bake her famous, delicious apple pie for me and my sisters!

Vintage style is so fashionable because it expresses who we are and our history. These designs are recognizable from everywhere, like a universal language spoken through our clothes. It is great to tell stories about where your dress or shoes or handbag came from and who wore it before you and it is intriguing to hear others stories too. I believe fashion is dialogue because we don't just wear the clothes, we have lived in them.  This is a source of inspiration for us.

When you look through our collection, you will notice a lot of vintage style pieces and elements we have used whether in prints for our accessories or as pendants for our jewelry. We celebrate the past and we hope these pieces create lovely new memories in your future.

July 3, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Thanks to my internship, I had the opportunity to travel to the USA. This was my first ever visit to America and I cannot tell you how excited I was. I have been dreaming about this moment for a long time.

It was a long weekend in Canada because of Canada Day and our boss was kind enough to give me couple extra days off to visit the mighty New York city! I was blown away by the view from the plane. It really is a concrete jungle, a stunning, gorgeous metropolitan of skyscrapers.

I wanted to visit all the famous iconic places like Empire State building, Liberty Island, Central Park, Grand Central, Public Library and so many more places that I have only ever seen before in movies and magazines.

My most memorable experience was the Gospel Choir in Harlem. I went there on Sunday morning for the service and I must tell you it was amazing. There was so much emotion in their voices and everyone was just happy to be there. I wasn't allowed to take pictures and had a strict dress code to follow with no short and no shoulders on show, but it was a service that I will never forget.
And of course I had to go shopping in the Big Apple. I went to Fifth Avenue, Manhattan and Century 21 where I found all the bargains. It was magical. 

Every girl needs to take a shopping trip in NYC! 
I even managed to show off my LAVISHY New York wallet there! A girl on the ferry to the Liberty Island even asked me where I got it from. Obviously I directed her to LAVISHY Boutique and told her about the company and my internship.

New York was a fantastic experience and I wish I could have stayed there longer. Hope I get to visit this magnificent city again and maybe even live there one day and travel to other wonderful places in America.

Happy Fourth of July!

June 27, 2014

Aztec Art

We just cannot get enough of these Aztec patterns. 

Aztec art is so expressive and captivating and has a lot of character. They have a rich variety of art from statues, masks, pottery and paintings to brightly coloured clothing, architecture, ceremonial knives and head dresses. Aztec gods were often depicted as animals and the drawings would be sharp, angular and richly coloured. 

This form of style has influenced the Aztec patterns that you see on a lot of products today. We have incorporated this traditional design and embroidery techniques to create these delightful vegan leather wallets. Not only do they are attractive, we designed them to be functional too.

There's an ID pocket window for driving license or Metro Pass so its easy to show when needed. 11 card slots and 4 long slots to store notes and receipts and there is also a zipper pocket inside for change.

Check them out here

June 24, 2014

Coming to Canada eh

We love to travel and experience new places and people. Culture is a great influence that shapes our identity and teaches us about life and the important things in it. 

I asked some of our interns about their experiences when they came here to Toronto. They are all from different parts of France and are studying International Trade at university. So it was essential for them to do their internship abroad and learn about how businesses run and operate.


From Paris city

"I got lost the first day I landed in Toronto and needed three people to help my find my way to the house I was staying at. I find the people here very friendly and helpful and often if I seem lost, someone would approach me and ask me if I need help with directions. It is a peaceful and safe environment to live in and I love the pace of life here unlike Paris where it's always busy and hectic. Last weekend I went to Native Festival and saw another view of Canada. I danced and sang with the people there and was fascinated with Aboriginal culture.  However I prefer the food in France but I will try anything once. I tried poutine here couple of weeks ago and I don't think I will try it again lol!"


From near Paris

"This is my first time in North America. I chose to come to Toronto because I want to practice and improve my English. I felt at home here because the environment is similar, we have similar shops and food. I love how multi cultural the city is. I have was able to try all different types of food here from Mexican, Korean to Indian. Its great that you can find things from different countries in one place. I love the atmosphere here during the World Cup season as I can see fans cheering and supporting from all over the world in Toronto and its fun going to bars to watch the game. Also I feel very secure traveling around in the city because in Paris I would have be extremely careful about my wallet and phone and other possessions especially on the subway, whereas here I don't feel like I have to worry. I visited Montreal and New York recently and I feel like Toronto is a friendlier version of New York as it has the city landscape yet in a more relaxed environment."


From near Paris
"I love life in Toronto. It definitely more fun and people are friendlier. I love shopping here especially at the Eaton Center. I discovered stores and restaurants that we do not have in France and I think we should, such as Victoria Secrets, Popeye's a Taco Bell! I visited the Toronto Island and I must say the view of the city was absolutely stunning. I love going downtown and once I ended up at a free Juicy J concert at Dundas Sq. This never happens in Paris. There is always something to do here in Toronto. It's a cool and fun, peaceful city."


From the South of France. She live close to beaches and mountains and its hot and sunny all year around and close to Spain and French Riviera.

"I was very excited to come to Toronto as it was my first time traveling to North America and I didn't know what to expect. I got here in the beginning of April and I was surprised to see snow at this time of year and it was very cold! I wasn't impressed and felt a bit alone.  I stayed with a lovely family at first for a month and made friends with the other interns and began to discover the city. I find that Canadians are very friendly people, if I ever got lost anywhere it was easy to get help and find my way around. My mum came to visit me a few weeks after. She explored the city during the days when I was working.  Often she found herself lost but she was able to get directions and help from a lot of friendly people even with the little English that she knows. Every weekend I love to walk around the city and discover new places. I like the modern landscape and going out to different restaurants and bars in town. I recently visited Niagara Falls during the weekend and the view was beautiful and the weather was gorgeous" 

Tell us about your most memorable trip to win a LAVISHY Boutique gift card for $100! You can comment below or on our Facebook page. I am sure you will have lots of stories to tell!