Where are you, Masami?

By Anonymous - 4:51 AM

Masami is a Japanese girl used to work with us.
She left Japan shortly after her high school graduation to Australia by herself. Then she moved to Toronto.
She is not your typical Japanese doll at all--mature, independent, foxy, smart, and very happy. Because she works a lot at the new store, so we did not have much time to get to know each other. But from what I saw, I know she will have a very  bright future. Because of personal reason, she had to leave Canada and go back to Japan for a while. But she told us she will be back and go to school for photography. She sent me an email shortly after she arrived in Australia before she went back to Japan. I thought I would get back to her with a long and nice email after we finish fall 2010 collections development. Now I just could not find that email anywhere.

I named this necklace after her--Masami. I look forward to see you very soon!
And I am very sorry that I did not get back to you.

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