Yu collection by LAVISHY

By Anonymous - 12:51 PM

YU in Chinese means jade. Chinese used to call all beautiful stones Jade. The value of the stone will be measured by love but not color, clarity or size. It is very similar feeling I have to approach this collection. We use the made them in Canada and wholesale them. We could not keep up with the orders and have to outsources to local students to make them. The quality and delivery time was out of control. We decided not to continue this collection until we opened our first boutique. Now we hand-pick the natural material we like and make one of a kind pieces just for fun. The pleasure of creating something and find someone like it enough to buy it and wear it with pride is really rewarding. For the summer, we will have a new online store setted up only sell this one of a kind pieces. When I travel, I would collection vintage brooches and I have a lot of them now. I will make some statement necklaces with them. I found some very delightful glass beads look like marble only have rainbow of colors. I can not wait to see what I can do with them.

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