Celebrate summer color: LAVA collection photo contest

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LAVA is LAVISHY's oldest collection. This beautiful and colorful jewelry collection features silver plated jewelry with juicy color enamel. Great pieces for summer.
This week we offer four lovely French university students of any choice from LAVA for themselves or their loved ones.
Here are their choices and why.

First lovely girl made her choice is Agathe.
Like most of French girls, she prefers more subtle style. After looking at our catalog, she chose a pair of silver plated cut out earrings. They were out of stock. Then she made another choice. They were sold out too. Her third choices were a pair of very popular earrings--which no surprise--sold out too!
She has great taste and maybe Agathe should consider becoming a buyer because of her great sense of fashion and style.
Anyway, with my encouragement, she picked a colorful reversible pendant necklace.
The following is what she picked.
I took the photo myself--please pardon me, she is way way more beautiful in person. (I promise next time I will do a better job.)

Here are her reasons to pick this fresh and colorful necklace:

"I chose the red and blue reversible pendant "Linaria" necklace because I like the rose and bird. In addition, the pendant is reversible so it's two necklaces in one! I like the colors, the design and the round shape. The necklace has the perfect length, either too long or too short. I can wear it with chic dress to add some bright color. Yet it's a subtle way to add a touch of color."
*** My opinion: Agathe is a very likable girl with very French style which is quite understated. I think this necklace will give her North American style of fun and bold color to bright out her inner confidence and fun-loving attitude. Normally she does not show big smile. Yet when we shot this photo, she loves how a lot pieces can show different sides of your personality. Fashion is all about fun and expressing yourself as well explore the other sides of yourself you didn't even know.
Great choice, Agathe!***

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