LAVA Ring for Pretty Girl in Pink

By Anonymous - 11:43 AM

Our second lovely girl to make her choice is Anais.

This French girl loves to balance her colorful fun style with professional working environment.
Anais is a joyful person who always has a smile on her beautiful face. Her cheerful attitude is contagious. You can't help but feeling optimistic when you are around her.
She likes girly accessories and jewelry. Passion for fashion, she always follows new trends yet she always incorporates the trends with her style--her trademark color is pink. That is no surprise that she chose a wonderful Varsha pink ring without any hesitation.
 She was very excited for the photo shoot and tried many dynamic poses.

Here are her reasons to pick this beautiful pink ring :

"I chose the Varsha pink ring. I love the design because it is simple and colorful at the same time. The pink is bright and absolutely adorable! It is what every girl needs! It is versatile, so you can wear it everywhere and with everything!"
*** My opinion : We took many pictures of Anais. Indeed we did the photo shoot twice. On the first she was not satisfied. Afterwards the second shoot she could not decide which one was her favorite. All had to help her out. In fact, sometimes it's difficult to take simple decision especially when it's about yourself. Friends, colleagues can helps you! It's important to haves some trustworthy people around you. But the best way is to listen to your heart, for sure!
Well-played Anais -;) ***

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