Aztec Art

By Anonymous - 10:13 AM

We just cannot get enough of these Aztec patterns. 

Aztec art is so expressive and captivating and has a lot of character. They have a rich variety of art from statues, masks, pottery and paintings to brightly coloured clothing, architecture, ceremonial knives and head dresses. Aztec gods were often depicted as animals and the drawings would be sharp, angular and richly coloured. 

This form of style has influenced the Aztec patterns that you see on a lot of products today. We have incorporated this traditional design and embroidery techniques to create these delightful vegan leather wallets. Not only do they are attractive, we designed them to be functional too.

There's an ID pocket window for driving license or Metro Pass so its easy to show when needed. 11 card slots and 4 long slots to store notes and receipts and there is also a zipper pocket inside for change.

Check them out here

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