If summer can sing, these would be her songs.......

By Anonymous - 4:46 AM

I always love flowers, all kind, almost any kind.
So it is easy to be inspired by flowers when it comes to design.
One of my favorite books is about a Japanese Garden. On the back of the book, it says: "if the wing can speak, that is what it would say."
I love how poetic a Japanese garden is and hope my designs have some kind of poetic beauty.
We created a collection since this spring called Assa. Under this collection, we have a series called Secret Garden, features mainly flowers as well as birds and butterflies---the friend of those beautiful flowers in their happy gardens.
Made with toxic free zinc alloy, finished with vintage style antique silver and antique gold with anti tarnishing plating, this collection includes adjustable rings, earrings and necklaces. We also make matching bracelets here in LAVISHY Studio Canada upon request.
Each pendant for ring, earrings and necklace feature one type of flower, all handcrafted, on the back of the pendant features meaningful message for example for dogwood flower, on the back is "faith"--as dogwood flower looks like cross and it represents faith.
We have use flower as gift for hundreds of years if not thousands, I hope these pieces would make beautiful yet also meaningful gifts for you and your loved ones.
Find them at LAVISHY Boutique 

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