Don’t throw away your old stuff!

By Anonymous - 10:11 AM

Vintage pieces are a great way to incorporate original style as well as save a bit of money. I am always on the lookout for something different in  thrift stores and vintage shops. Maybe I can find delicate vintage accessory to match a modern outfit.

But the best place to find something unique and special is a lot closer to home. My  grandma has beautiful handbags and jewelry pieces that she has kept over the years and I am so thankful that she did because I wear them today.

This is a wonderful embroidered little handbag is from the 1940s. It belonged to my grandma. She said "I like to keep old things, it’s like a part of me and they remind me memories, people and moment" My grandma gave me this bag and I’ll probably give it to my daughter, it’s not an expensive ring or something like that, only a vintage bag but holds a lot of precious memories. Every stain and fault is a part of our family’s story! This bag will forever remind me of all the times I would go and visit my grandparents and she would bake her famous, delicious apple pie for me and my sisters!

Vintage style is so fashionable because it expresses who we are and our history. These designs are recognizable from everywhere, like a universal language spoken through our clothes. It is great to tell stories about where your dress or shoes or handbag came from and who wore it before you and it is intriguing to hear others stories too. I believe fashion is dialogue because we don't just wear the clothes, we have lived in them.  This is a source of inspiration for us.

When you look through our collection, you will notice a lot of vintage style pieces and elements we have used whether in prints for our accessories or as pendants for our jewelry. We celebrate the past and we hope these pieces create lovely new memories in your future.

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