Lucky Number 8

By Anonymous - 1:37 PM

We had a visitor today at our head office. This gorgeous black and white tiger moth (I googled it and it looked like the closest thing). We thought it was a butterfly at first until it landed by the door, I guess it was trying to get out and I saw it was a beautiful moth. I quickly took a picture before letting it out.

Vintage butterfly angel print
Vintage Butterfly Angel

Seems like a coincident that it came on August 8th (8 is believed to be a lucky number by some cultures) We took it as a good omen and decided to give you guys a treat for the weekend. As we do not have any moth related products, we do have lots its cousin butterfly. 

So for this weekend only take 20% off Beautiful Butterflies with coupon code BUTTERFLY8 (coupon expires August 10th 2014)

LAVISHY butterfly embroidery wallet, butterfly emboss wallet, butterfly print pouch, handmade reversible butterfly pendant, butterfly earrings
LAVISHY butterfly theme earrings, necklace, vegan leather wallet and pouch!

Hope you have a blissful weekend!

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