LAVISHY Peacock Designs: From Bags to Necklaces

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LAVISHY wholesale vegan wallets and coin purse with peacock embroidery pattern
Peacock is the name for the colorfully male peafowl only as many of us don't know. They are best known and loved for their amazing eye-spotted fancy tail feathers and majestic grace. To many of us, they represent grace, joy, beauty and love.

LAVISHY peacock filigree earrings

Peacocks are not born with their beautiful tail feathers. As a matter of fact, they only start growing them from age of three. They shed their train every year after mating season.
LAVISHY vegan coin purse with peacock embossedThere are 3 varieties of peafowl, the Indian, the Green and the Congo.  The most common type of peacock is the Indian peacocks whose head and neck are covered in shining, blue feathers arranged like scales. It is native to South Asia areas of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India. Peacock is India's national bird.Many old Indian rupees have a lovely peacock printed on the back of it.
LAVISHY handmade vintage style stretch bracelet with peacock print
In Hindu culture, Lord Karthikeya, the god of war, is said to ride a peacock. Peacock occupies a respectable position in Indian culture and is protected not only by religious sentiments but also by parliamentary statute. It has been fully protected under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act since 1972.
I once shared a beautiful photo of a stunning peacock flying over blue sky. My friends thought it was photoshoped but the truth is: peacocks can fly despite their massive tails can reach up to six feet long and make up about 60% of their body length!
Burnish silver & burnish gold plated peacock necklace
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I wondered what makes the peacock’s feathers so brilliant and magnificent. It turns out that amazing beauty is because their feathers are covered in tiny crystal-like structures. They reflect different wavelengths of light depending on how they’re spaced.
LAVISHY peacock bag
LAVISHY vegan leather Bori crossbody bag with peacock embroidery pattern. Wholesale available at, Shop online at
Peacock symbolizes vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection and watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology, the peacock tail has the "eyes" of the stars. In Hinduism, the peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck.
Peacock can live up to 20 years.
LAVISHY peacock feather laser cut metal pendant earrings.
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In Hinduism, peacock feathers are regarded as an auspicious symbol. Many people decorate their home with peacock feathers not just because their magnificent beauty but also because they believe peacock feathers can brings good luck and prosperity into their home. 
LAVISHY vegan bag with peacock embroidery motif
LAVISHY vegan leather cross body purse with peacock embroidery motif from Elam collection can also be used as a lovely clutch when you remove the detachable shoulder strap. Wholesale available at, shop online at

After survived over the time span of 4000 years, peacock remains the oldest ornamental bird in the world. They are many fascinating stories from the Hindu mythology.
LAVISHY peacock necklace-handmade, silver plated reversible pedant on 18" snake chain
LAVISHY handmade silver plated reversible pendant features charming and colorful hand-colored enamel motifs each side on 18" snake chain. From our LAVA collection. Wholesale available at, shop online at
Legend has it, peacock was created from one of the feathers of Garuda (a mythical bird in Hind mythology, carrier of Lord Vishnu). In images of the peacock is depicted as a mythical bird, which is killing a snake. According to a number of Hindu scriptures, it is a symbol of cycle of time.
LAVISHY vegan leather embossed peacock large wallet in black and white
LAVISHY embossed large vegan wallet with embossed peacock motif based on our original illustration. Wholesale available at, Shop now at

As peacock replaces his feathers annually, so it is also a symbol of renewal. In ancient Greece, the peacock was the patron bird of the Goddess Hera. According to myth, she placed 'eyes' on its feathers, symbolizing all-seeing knowledge and the wisdom of the heavens.
Handmade, burnish silve, burnish gold or gun black plated lavishy peacock earrings
LAVISHY vintage style handmade earrings with peacock print. Wholesale available at, shop now online at

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